Get the party started!

Party Rims cups are an easy way to turn your party into fun. Our cups were made to serve both adults and kids. They are perfect for any occasion!  Avoid the mess, waste, and time rimming cups and instead use our delightful pre-rimmed cups. The cups are usable for any type of drink.  Try our Zesty Lime pre-rimmed cup or our most popular Sweet Strawberry pre-rimmed cup. Your taste buds will be delighted!

The EFFECTS of Party Rims

Easy: They’re ready to be used out of the package.

Fun: Great addition to any drink.

Flavorful: Our pre-rimmed cups can be used all year round because they’re so tasty.

Economical: Each cup can be used multiple times.  No need to buy salt/sugar.

Clean/consistent: Forget the mess.  No spilled salt/sugar and no cleanup.

Transportable: No need to bring the salt or sugar. The box comes with a handle just grab-and-go.

Safe: No counter spills to attract insects. Ends re-dipping and washing of used glasses. No glass breakage

A "Feel Good" Product

Our company is located in Rancho Dominguez, California. Our product is sourced and produced in the USA. We are an environmentally friendly company and are committed to clean, sustainable, and recyclable products.